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Choosing Photographic backdrops for portraits


 For most beginners with little equipment, investing money in background material wouldn’t seem to be a priority which I completely comprehend. The truth is that not rushing out to add background material to your first studio kit shouldn’t prevent you from producing quality images. You have many alternatives to utilize from solid colored walls, fabric and patterned wall-paper when shooting indoors. Once you get to the point of investing in backdrops you will have

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My Camera Vs. Your Camera Vs. His Camera Vs. Her Camera…


My Camera Vs. Your Camera Vs. His Camera Vs. Her Camera

    I found myself yesterday trying to convince a new photographer not to replace their two month old DSLR for a different brand simply because they were under the impression that the other brand would give them better images. I asked how they came to this conclusion and their response was that they did a shoot where someone else took a photo with a camera of a different brand and got better images than they did. I wondered why it was so hard for me to convince my friend that the key to

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